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What is community mapping?  


Community mapping is a graphic learning and planning tool that connects people to themselves, to one another and to their home places. Community mapping is the collective process to map stories assets, values and visions with other people.


People all over the world use community mapping to tell their stories and to improve their communities. Community mapping helps us connect us to ourselves, to each other, to community and to the natural world.
















Community Mapping...

  • Creates a Sense and Connection to Human and Natural Places

  • Supports Community Voices, Conversations  and Collective Action

Community Mapping in BC  

Throughout the Province​, the BC CAMN and CLBC have been using community mapping to:

1. Map our Assets: the gifts and assets and stories about ourselves and our community

Everyone of us is unique and has special gifts and experiences to share with others and with the community. We ask:

What and where are our personal and community gifts, assets and stories.

2. Map our Places: the resources, places and connections in our community​

We care about each other and our community. Community maps are collective pictures created by our community including:​

  • Resources and services we use such Agencies, Government offices, Schools;

  • Everyday and special places we go to such as Stores, Restaurants, Libraries, Recreation Centres, Cultural Places/Events

  • Connections we make with friends, family and community and routes we take every day to get around on foot, bicycle or wheelchair using public transit buses and cars.

What gets mapped?


We are interested in mapping all INCLUSIVE community places, resources and opportunities that are: 

  • welcoming and respectful of all people

  • accessible

  • safe

  • culturally sensitive

  • provide and opportunity for social connection


Categories and Icons


My Community BC is organized by categories and icons from the global Green Map system: (; see some examples in this document 

One of the community maps drawn at an event. The outline of a tree with apples and flowers is drawn and different coloured words fill up and are around the tree.

We all long to belong to each other and to the place we live 

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