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About Us

The British Columbia Community Asset Mapping Network (BCCAMN) is a group of citizens from around the province learning how to use community mapping as a way to build connections and increase inclusion and belonging for all people. Our Network was started in 2017 by Community Living BC's local Councils and is made up of people with diverse abilities, family members and community partners.

We have seen that when all different parts of community, including members of the Community Living Movement, come together to map their communities it helps expand and create capacity for more inclusion and belonging to happen. 

Our vision

Welcoming, kind and inclusive communities where all people know how and where to connect in their community


We believe community mapping will help us build stronger communities by:​

  • Sharing our Stories and Building Connections

  • Mapping and Gathering Community Gifts and Assets

  • Visioning and Building an Inclusive Future

What we do

We partner with communities and organizations around BC to map and share community gifts and opportunities related to inclusion, accessibility, and social connection. In 2019 we expanded our network, and in 2023 we are re-igniting our networking by hosting community mapping events and projects around BC.  Join us to build connections, share stories, and map your gifts! 

Our values

Celebrating Diversity - Our identity is our strength. Self-advocates or people with diverse-abilities and their families have special roles to play and skills to share to create a more welcoming and inclusive community for ALL!  We invite and welcome all community members from diverse cultures, languages and backgrounds to participate. 


Sharing our Gifts and Assets - Everyone has gifts to share and contribute to the community.


Honouring Experience -   Everyone is the expert about their own lives.  Each of us have our own stories and unique experience to share that will help plan and strengthen our communities.

A group photo from the BC Community Asset Mapping Community of Practice event

Why we are using Community mapping

We want our Network to be a community of practice and to make a difference in people’s lives. We hope community mapping across the province will help people with diverse abilities to:

  • Build confidence and opportunities to participate in and contribute to community

  • Increase social connection and relationship

  • Create community partnerships to promote and increase accessibility and inclusion

Where is home?

Those of us who live in Canada today are either First Nations, Inuit and Metis people who have been here for over 10,000 years or we are settlers who came as immigrants and refugees from all over the world.


We know that what is now called the province of British Columbia is the ancestral home for First Nations people whose creation stories and ties to the land are thousands of years old. Their diverse and rich cultures and languages and connection to community, to the land, ocean and waterways are so valuable and need to be protected.


In the spirit of reconciliation and action the CAM COP will connect and partner with local --BC First Nations and urban indigenous peoples and groups.

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