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Seaside Community Connections in Cadboro Bay

Hi, I'm Jessica. I live in the territories of the Laquangan speaking people. Very honored to be able to do that. I live in Cadboro Bay, and I love it. I love my community. I love the beach. I love the coffee shops that we can gather as community members. The mocha house olivalios. I love that Cabro Bay is right there, and it's accessible. I can walk my daughter, who uses a wheelchair, on the accessible path right down to the beach. There's so many things that I really love about my community.

Also, because we have a daughter who navigates the world a little bit differently, we kind of look at our community through that lens as well. And a few things that would be awesome is if we could have just a bit more accessibility to some of those beach accesses and nature retreats that most of us get to go on. But we're a bit restricted because of her mobility, specifically out onto Ten Mile Point, where we've moved recently, and it's just really hard to get her into some of those really beautiful spots. And it would just take maybe just a little bit of accessibility planning to do that. Also, we've been thinking a lot about how to get her around without using a vehicle, and these Ebikes are everywhere. And it would just be really nice to sort of think about how we could access something like that for her that would accommodate her wheelchair so that we could get around a little bit more easily without pushing the wheelchair so much. Anyway, thanks.

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